All the features of a modern messenger and then some

No centralized
public key distribution

Unlike other instant messaging apps, we don’t store your public encryption keys on our servers. They are exchanged offline.

Stay anonymous,
keep private

You can use Sayphr without providing any personalizing data, such as name or a phone number.

Self-destructing messages

Set an auto self-destruct timer on all your messages to make sure no data is stored on the receiving device.

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Secure team channels

Team collaboration made simple and secure, across all devices. Set expiration time for messages and documents and manage participants

Direct peer-to-peer messaging

Messages are transferred directly from one device to the other, without any servers in the middle.

Patent pending encryption

To ensure the best possible security for your communications, Sayphr Messenger uses the Parano protocol, a unique end-to-end encryption protocol that makes Sayphr currently the only quantum computer resistant messenger app. Altogether Sayphr Messenger features an astonishing three-layer security technology.

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